About us

At Mind Your English we plan and coordinate each lesson to suit every participant’s personal needs. Engaging each individual and breaking their English barrier has been a continuous goal of ours.
Our lessons are full of games and fun activities and they’re very productive.

– Maggie Michałowska –
American native speaker, brought up in New Jersey.
A natural born optimist with an explosive mixture of energy and perfectionism.
6 years of experience in leading dynamic conversational groups within companies in Rzeszow.

– Ewa Kusz –
III-degree graduate in linguistics. In other words: passion, energy, commitment.
British accent combined with 10 years experience in teaching.

We have a wide range of lesson types to offer!
You have the option to choose what you will learn and what topics interest you most.

Our team meets you at your place of work or a place chosen by you for your lesson.
This is at no extra cost to you!

What we offer

Group Types

Dynamic Conversations

Each meeting is based on small talk, current events and topics chosen by you. Our team comes in ready to engage each participant in a dynamic conversation. No worksheets, no quizzes, just speaking!

Words That Work

These meeting are based on vocabulary worksheets that help you expand your words knowledge and usage. Our team comes in ready to help you learn new words, phrases, idioms, slang, etc.

Practical Structures

During these meetings, you will learn about different structures of sentences and how to properly use them while eliminating your mistakes. Our team comes in with engaging material to present grammar and practical structures in a fun and innovative way.

What learners say

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